Holiday Shopping!

Take a look at our limited time offer this holiday season…

Like the element of surprise? Well here’s your chance to unveil the mystery right at home.

Legends has created the perfect gift for ALL Stargate SG1 fans for just $20.00! What’s inside? Here’s some of the surprise offers that could be heading your way this season:

Original Props may include –

Stargate SG1 REPLICATOR Section

R-75 Bug from THE CURSE

Section from Stargate IRIS

Bullet Shell Casing

Section off of the FULL SIZE SET STARGATE


Section of JAFFA ARMOR,

War chips, map markers, and more!

♦  ◊  ♦  ◊  ♦  ◊  ♦  ◊  ♦  ◊  ♦

Other collectibles that may be included –

20th Anniversary Character Gold Coins

Original MGM Studios Production slide dated from 1998

Even Legends Memorabilia $25, $50, and $100 Gift Cards!

These exclusive products can range in value from $15.00 to $150.00 and are very limited so don’t delay. No requests are accepted, items are selected in random order. All original prop sections, samples items will include a sealed Certificate Of Authenticity as seen in the image below.

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